The College of Engineering and Mines at the University of Alaska Fairbanks advances and disseminates technical and scientific knowledge through innovative teaching, research and public service with an emphasis on Alaska and other high-latitude regions. The College promotes students' self motivation to excel and guides them towards professional careers and entrepreneurship in an environment of life-long learning.


The vision of the College of Engineering and Mines at the University of Alaska and its research arm, the Institute of Northern Engineering (INE), is to provide strong B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs, increase enrollments and graduates, and maintain and enhance research excellence and growth in extramural research funding. Vitality in scholarship is improved at all levels by recruiting and retaining the best and brightest faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students. Instructional programs use the most current technologies and methods to provide students the knowledge and skills they need to develop to their full potential. CEM is dedicated to continuous improvement of its academic programs and to substantially increase the number of engineering graduates to meet the needs of the state and the nation.