The American Society Of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

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About ASCE

The ASCE, founded in 1852, is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. ASCE was formed to enhance the quality of life through the advancement of professional knowledge and by improving the practice of civil engineering. ASCE currently has over 120,000 members, including 15,000 student members nationwide.

Official ASCE Website | UAF ASCE Student Chapter on Facebook

Meeting times: Every other Thursday 1-2PM | Duck 252

2018/2019 Officers

  • President
    Rachel Bruesch
  • Vice President
    Nathan Hiles

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leroy Hulsey


ASCE has lots to offer!

  • Job resources 
    • Mock interviews and resume reviews – ASCE YMF takes it upon themselves to critique any resume sent their way, and can schedule a mock interview to go over tips and techniques.
    • Networking - Meet professionals from around the community at bimonthly branch meetings and socials.
  • Community
    • High School Mentorship program - New as of Fall 2014, members of our group go and visit local high schools. We are here to answer questions about classes, professors, and life in general.
    • Tutoring - Stuck on a homework problem? Meet up with us in or around the CE lounge for an informal tutoring session.
    • Socials - Usually once a month, ranging from bowling to hiking to skiing at Moose Mountain.
  • Competition
    • Ice Arch
    • Starvation Gulch
    • Once a year, we travel to participate in the ASCE Regional Conference. Events include the popular Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe competitions, which we spend months designing, testing, and building before shipping down to compete. Other events at the Conference include Environmental, Transportation, Geotechnical, and other challenges

Constitution of UAF ASCE Student Chapter

2016 CEM Starvation Gulch
The tradition burns on.