Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

About SWE: SWE is a non-profit, educational, service organization dedicated to making known the need for women engineers and encouraging young women to consider an engineering education.

At the University of Alaska Fairbanks, students, faculty, and professionals of both genders with an interest in supporting women in engineering come together to form a supportive atmosphere. Activities and regular meetings occur throughout the year. Past activities include helping to organize the Engineering Connections dinners, helping with Women in Science and Technology Day for the Girl Scouts, and holding a forum about women in a men's world.

For information about joining the University of Alaska Fairbanks Society of Women Engineers' Student Chapter, or information about volunteering your time as a professional, please contact

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2016-2017 Officers:

President - Katie Aikens
Mechanical Engineering

Vice President - Katherine O'Connor
Petroleum Engineering

Secretary - Leah Droege
Petroleum Engineering

Treasurer - Dylan Baffrey
Civil Engineering

Fundraising  - Carie Navio​
Computer Engineering

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Daisy Huang
Mechanical Engineering