CEM People's Choice Award

The College of Engineering & Mines recognizes three outstanding employees annually.

2019 Recipients

 2019CEM Awards Thumb


CEM Teacher of the Year

Recognizes a faculty member for outstanding teaching. Recipients share personal enthusiasm for the content they teach, engage all students in learning, personalize and adapt instruction when needed, challenge students to work hard and think critically, and care for students among other positive teaching qualities. Recipients make learning fun and meaningful. Students nominate the CEM Teacher of the Year.

INE Researcher of the Year

Recognizes a faculty member for contributions in the area of research, scholarship and contributions in their field. Recipients display success in funded research, publications, and research outreach. Recipients are leaders in their field of interest, innovative, hardworking, and continually update their knowledge to adapt to an ever-changing research landscape. Recipients display resourceful and inventive qualities to transform their scientific queries into realizable hypotheses and protocols.

CEM Polaris Award for Staff Excellence

Recognizes a staff member for exemplary work above and beyond that which is required of their position. Recipients are customer-service oriented, reliable, resourceful, and work well with others. Recipients have a positive attitude and always find ways to get the job done.

Nominations: Nominations may be made by current CEM faculty, staff, and students (including past/present advisees). Self-nominations are also welcome.

Submission Deadline: A call for nominations will go out annually by March 1st. All nominations must be submitted by April 30th via email to the CEM Dean, including a brief summary of the reasons supporting the nomination and supporting materials or references. Letters of support are encouraged.

Process: The CEM Dean's Cabinet will recommend finalists and submit recommendations to the CEM Dean. Final decisions will be made by the CEM Dean.

Announcement: Awards will be announced at CEM Dean's Convocation each Fall (September).

Recipients: Recipients will receive 1) a framed certificate, 2) a small monetary award (subject to any applicable taxes and/or withholdings), and 3) will be featured on a poster displayed outside the CEM Dean's Office Suite.