Leroy Hulsey

Leroy Hulsey
  • Professor, Ph.D., P. E., S.E., Civil Engineering
  • (907) 474-7816
  • Duckering 243B
  • jlhulsey@alaska.edu


  • 1976 Ph.D. Structural Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • 1968-1971 Post Graduate, University of Illinois
  • 1966 M. S. Civil Engineering, University of Missouri at Rolla
  • 1965 B. S. Civil Engineering, Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy


  • UAF, Chi-Epsilon Award for Excellence in Teaching, Rocky Mountain District, 1999-2000
  • UMR, Outstanding Teaching Awards, 1972-73, 1973-74, and 1974-75
  • NCSU, Outstanding Teaching Award, 1979

Working with Students

Dr. Hulsey focuses on working with students to achieve a high quality education. His research is in the fields of bridge engineering and effects of temperature extremes on structural systems like composite wall panels for buildings. His work blends a strong experimental component with the fundamentals of theory. Dr. Hulsey has expertise in mathematical modeling using state-of-art methods in finite element, finite difference and theoretical solid mechanics. Funding isavailable for graduate students to work on the analysis or testing of bridges.

Graduate Students

  • Major advisor 13 full-time MS students (9 thesis & 4 projects)
  • Graduate committees 41 students (29 MS and 12 Ph.D.)
  • Outside examiner 5 students (3 MS and 2 Ph.D.)
  • Faculty Advisor - National Competition for Students
  • ASCE Steel Bridge Team Faculty Advisor (Won National Championship 1993, 4th place in 1995, tied for 1st place in 1996). Obtained a provisional patent based on the 1998 bridge design. Faculty Advisor for the Civil Engineering Concrete Toboggan team; Canadian competition, best rookie team 1999 in the Great North American Toboggan race.

Professional Experience

Dr. Hulsey has University and corporate experience. Before coming to the University, Dr. Hulsey owned and run three high-tech engineering-research corporations. He has extensive teaching and research experience. He taught at the University of Missouri Rolla, North Carolina State University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). While at UAF he has been an active researcher, served as Department Head and participated in numerous university committees.

Professional Affiliations

  • President of the Fairbanks Chapter of ASCE; TRB-A201, A2F04
  • Professional Engineer: North Carolina, Alaska, Illinois (inactive), Missouri (Inactive)
  • Structural Engineer: Illinois


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  • The Society of Sigma XI
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  • Governor appointed member of a task force to evaluate the Million Dollar Bridge (1995)


Journal Articles

  • Wearing Surfaces for Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks, 1999, Hulsey, J. L., Yang, L., and Raad, L., Transportation Research Record, Paper 991049, National Research Council.
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Refereed Conference Papers

  • Bulb Tee Bridges: Alaska Weather and Thermal Stresses, 2002, Hulsey, J. l., and Ma,J. , accepted for publication, ASCE Proceedings, 11th International Conference on Cold Region Engineering, May 20-22.
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Conference Papers

  • Software for Structural Analysis, 1986, Hulsey, J. l., Structures '86, Session No. 64, Learning About Structural Analysis Using the Computer, ASCE, Sept.
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  • Professional Engineering Review Course, Civil Structural Analysis Hulsey E. Farzam, North Carolina State University, Carolina, 1983, 1986.


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  • Lectures Inspection Training Short Juneau, Alaska. Taught from 10-15
  • EIT computers (3 hour sessions), evenings 1987 present. dynamics were presented in 1987, 1988.
  • ITRE-Highway Concepts two-part 133 lecture hours, technicians. Responsible 49 hours Part covering basic subjects 14 Geotechnical 2, 1985
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Presentations (after 1993)

  • 1999, Alternative Decking American Society Engineers, Bartlett Inn, June.
  • 1997, Orthotropic Steel Committee A2F04, Board DC, Jan. 1996, UAF Competition, 18. Available Regional Acceleration Records Their Corresponding Spectra, Seismic Zonation Anchorage, 6-7. Moderator, Forum, AK, May, Cold Weather Impacts A2LO4 Frost Action Committee, D.C., 10