Joe Hawkins

Joe Hawkins

Background and Research Interests:

Dr. Hawkins teaches undergraduate class at UAF, and is the principle faculty member associated with the UAF Student Rocket Project. Dr. Hawkins coordinates the student projects, he provides mentoring to students, and ensures that things run smoothly with the project. Dr. Hawkins acts as the primary communicator with the Alaska Space Grant Program, NASA, WALLOPS, and other non-local entities.


  • ES 201 - Computer Techniques
  • EE 312 - Electromagnetic Waves and Devices
  • EE 332 - Electromagnetics Laboratory


  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1988
  • M. S. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1984
  • B. S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1982
  • B. S. in Mathematics, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1982

Areas of Specialization:

  • Instrumentation Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Positioning Systems


  • Alaska Student Rocket Project
  • Microwave Design Laboratory
  • Ultra Wideband and Non-Line-of-Sight Communications
  • Wireless Power Transmission

Awards and Honors:

  • Fellowship from Japan Society for Promotion of Science (1994)
  • Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarship Award, University of Alaska Fairbanks (1979)