The MicroMouse competition is a design contest that brings together mechanical design, electrical design, controls, and programming with the purpose of building a maze solving robot.

A MicroMouse is an autonomous robot which has to navigate a 16x16 cell maze to find the center.  The fastest time from the start cell to the center wins.  The mouse initially knows only the size of the maze, 16x16, and that it starts in a corner.  It has to map out the walls as it goes, filling in a matrix in its memory.  After it has mapped enough of the maze to preclude any unknown shorter paths, it makes a speed run to the center, choosing the shortest route, accelerating on straight-aways, cutting corners, and moving diagonally when possible to achieve the fastest possible time. The mouse is designed, built and programmed from scratch.

Space Grant

The Alaska Space Grant Program (ASGP) is a consortium of public and private universities and non-profit organizations that sponsors a broad range of programs to enhance teaching, research, and educational outreach within aerospace and earth science, and other NASA related STEM disciplines throughout Alaska. Go to the Alaska Space Grant Homepage ยป