Steel Bridge Team shows their Talent at Nationals in the Stiffness and Efficiency Categories

2013Steelbridge Nationals1

The 2013 National Student Steel Bridge Competition took place this past week, May 31 - June 1, 2013 at the University of Washington in Seattle. Out of a total of 214 schools that competed this year, only the best 49 schools participated at the Nationals. The UAF Steel Bridge team was among them.

2013Steelbridge Nationals3

While UAF placed 3rd in the stiffness and efficiency categories, the team took 18th place overall. The top three winning teams were Berkeley, MIT and UC Davis.

2013Steelbridge Teampic

A strong UAF team also shined in a fun, non-steel bridge event and won 1st place in Tug-of-War!

2013Steelbridge Tug


Photo at top: The UAF Steel Bridge team during timed construction at the 2013 National Student Steel Bridge Competition. UAF used 4 people to build the bridge.  The total time is based on the number of people X the elapsed time.
Photo second from top: UAF is vertically loading the bridge. During this portion of the competition vertical deflection is measured.
Photo third from top: The 2013 Steel Bridge team and the team's faculty advisors after the awards banquet.
Photo bottom: Full-strength to 1st place: The 2013 Steel Bridge team pulls hard at the Tug-of-War event.

(Photos by Leroy Hulsey)