PETE student was awarded McMahon Petroleum Engineering Scholarship

Joshua McNeal was awarded the Joseph King McMahon Petroleum Engineering Scholarship. McNeal travelled to Wichita Falls, Texas to receive his award during a luncheon at the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Annual Expo. Present at the lunch was one of Joseph King McMahon's sons, John McMahon, and one of his grandsons, Joseph Davis. McNeal was chosen from several hundred applicants from all over the nation and will receive a scholarship in the amount of $2500.


"The Joseph King McMahon Petroleum Engineering Scholarship was established in 2006. The purpose of the scholarship is to aid students who are interested in pursuing the study of petroleum engineering. Students should demonstrate a willingness and ability to maintain a high level of academic achievement along with leadership and involvement within their college and the community. It is hoped that the recipient of this scholarship will someday be in a position to give back to the petroleum industry and encourage others to pursue this field. This is what Joseph King McMahon did during a lifetime in the petroleum industry." (Source)


All photos courtesy of Joshua McNeal.