Senior Design Project Shines in Mine Design competition

A joint mining-geological engineering senior design project (MIN 490/GE 480) took third place in the 2017 SME/PCMIA Senior Mine Design competition. The team consists of Jordan Hildreth (leader), Bryce Hiles, Kelsey Lindahl and Noriyasu Niibu. (Hildreth and Niibu were also part of the team that won the international mine design contest earlier this year.)

This year mining students joined forces with geological engineering students from GE 480 for a truly interdisciplinary experience. The students overcame disciplinary and (course related) structural barriers and did quite well. The team "re-designed" the Kinross Fort Knox mine based on current technologies. The instructors were Prof. Rajive Ganguli (MIN 490) and Prof. Debu Misra (GE 480).

The SME/PCMIA Senior Mine Design competition solicits the capstone mine design reports from mining programs around the country. Each program can only submit one of their projects. UAF mining engineering students have been building a nice record at the national level as the MIN 490 teams won the competition in 2014, and came second and third in 2015 and 2013, respectively.