Anchorage Course Offerings

  • Courses will be offered subject to sufficient enrollment (minimum 5 students in each course)
  • Register on-line at or register in person on the first day of class. (Some course registration numbers may be pending at this time.)
  • For additional information, please contact Leanne Isaacson, 907.474.7734 or Dr. Abhijit Dandekar , 907-474-6427

Spring 2017 Anchorage Course List

PETE 608 - Flow Assurance- Video

PETE 630 - Water Flooding - in ANCH


For Fall 2017 we will add in more video conferencing courses for Anchorage, tentatively we will offer:

PETE 662 - Enhanced Oil Recovery- in ANCH

PETE 666 - Drilling Optimization- Video

PETE 693 (special topics) - Advanced Well Completions and Stem Design- Video

PETE 693 (special topics) - Advanced Petrophysics- Video