Abhijit Dandekar

Abhijit Dandekar
  • Department Chair
  • Professor, Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering
  • (907) 474-6427
  • Duckering 415
  • adandekar@alaska.edu

Background and Research Interests

Abhijit Dandekar is a professor of petroleum engineering at the College of Engineering and Mines of University of Alaska Fairbanks since December 2000, where he is involved in teaching a variety of petroleum engineering courses and researching in areas as diverse as gas-to-liquids, gas hydrates, viscous oils, wettability alteration and CO2 sequestration. He has more than 16 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He has worked in India, UK, Denmark, PR China, and USA.

He has hands-on experience of working in diverse areas of PVT and fluid phase behavior experiments. He has published over 30 technical papers in the petroleum literature and numerous research reports and is the author of a book entitled Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties. He also teaches short courses in PVT and Fluid Phase Behavior.


  • Fall
  • PETE301 - Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties
  • PETE608 - Flow Assurance in the Petroleum Industry
  • Spring
  • PETE 303 - Reservoir Rock & Fluid Property Lab
  • PETE 489 - Reservoir Simulation


  • Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, 1994
  • B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, Nagpur University, India, 1987

Areas of Specialization

  • PVT, reservoir fluid phase behavior and reservoir fluid properties
  • Special core analysis
  • Wax and asphaltene deposition


  • Dr. Dandekar current research interests are Gas-to-Liquids, Gas Hydrates, CO@ Sequestration, and effect of wettability on oil recovery with emphasis on experimental research where applicable.

Award and Honors

  • Recipient of Outstanding Faculty Award, 2002-2003 and 2010-2011 by the UAF student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Recipient of AAPG Energy Minerals Division Presidents certificate for excellence, 2004, for a poster presented on gas hydrates