Obadare ('Dare') Awoleke - Publications

Peer-reviewed Publication

Conference Papers

  • Awoleke, O.O., Romero, J., Zhu, D., Hill, A.D. 2012. Experimental Investigation of Propped Fracture Conductivity in Tight Gas Reservoirs Using Factorial Design. Paper SPE 151963 presented at the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas, 6-8 February.
  • Ayeni, O.L., Blackall, D., Emeka, C.O., Awoleke, O.O., Uchendu, C.  2007. Sand Clean Out and Acidizing of Predrilled Liner Horizontal Hole Sections: A Field Experience. Paper SPE 111892 presented at the 31st Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition, Abuja, Nigeria, 6–8 August.
  • Uchendu, C., Awoleke, O.O., Rowland, S.P., Ndinemenu, F.O. 2006. CT-Deployed Multipurpose Nozzle for Effective Sand-Cleanout and Acidizing Operations in a Single Trip. Paper SPE 100163 presented at the SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas, 4–5 April.
  • Awoleke, O.O., Ighodaro, O., Nwoke, L., Onwusika, K., Osadjere, P. 2006. Deviation from Standard Sandstone Acidizing Practices: Chronicle of a Forgiving Acid System. Paper SPE 102882 presented at the SPE ATCE, San Antonio, Texas, 24–27 September.

Poster Presentation

  • Uchendu, C., Awoleke, O.O., Nwoke, L. 2004. Solvent/Acid Blend Provides Economic Single Step Matrix Acidizing Success for Fines and Organic Damage Removal in Sandstone Reservoirs: A Niger-Delta Case Study. Paper SPE 90798 presented at the SPE ATCE, Houston, Texas, 26–29 September.